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Fortan is well known for its expertise and involvement. People are essential in our performance and are the centre of our activities. Therefore we cherish loyal associates and satisfied customers.

At Fortan we recognize and built on each other’s strengths. By doing so, we can maximize effort and efficiency in projects, but also satisfaction and enjoyment in your job.

What We Do

Recent Projects

Fortan is working for TenneT on the execution design of Moldau high-voltage pylons

Together with Iv-Consult and WSP, Fortan is realizing the execution design of new Moldau high-voltage pylons for the line from Rilland (Zeeland) to Tilburg (Brabant). This connection is also known as the Zuid-West 380 kV Oost.

The electricity produced at sea off Zeeland is connected to the national grid via the new high-voltage connection.
With the arrival of this line, Zeeland will be connected to the national grid in two ways, which will provide Brabant and Zeeland with a more reliable high-voltage grid.

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger – VOX Amalia

Concept, basic and detail engineering for the suction pipe and gantries of a new to build Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger. Vessel is now known as the VOX Amalia.

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions – Julong

Basic and detail engineering for overflow tower and coupling station of conveyor.

T-mobile AAS project

Wrap up of the last AAS projects of T-mobile. Fortan has conducted the site surveys as well as performing the strength calculations and drawings

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